Ganado Cinema, a theater unlike any in the United States, was the first theater in America to have an all digital, fiber-optic audio network. In addition to Dolby Spectral and Dolby Stereo Surround, Ganado Cinema is equipped with the Digital Theater Surround (DTS) sound system, one of the best theater sound systems available.

Ganado Cinema was originally one of sixty theaters owned by J.D. Long of Long Theaters in Bay City, Texas. This theater building's blueprints were completed in 1939 and carried a construction budget of $12,500. In June of 1941, Ganado Cinema opened for business, offering 327 seats at 40 cents for adults and 9 cents for children. The very first movie to show here was a Western titled “Lady From Cheyenne.” Popcorn at the concession stand was a nickel.

In addition to movies, Ganado Cinema also featured stage acts which would perform on tour with a film release. Two such notable on-stage performance tours included the “Grand Ole Opry” and a personal appearance by the 1940's Western Film star Smiley “Froggy” Burnette.

Today, under private ownership, Ganado Cinema is the last operational movie theater of the Long Theater chain and one of the few remaining theaters of its historic lineage.

The Ganado Cinema has been renovated and modernized, yet still retains most of its historic appearance. The original wooden seats have been replaced with cushioned, stadium-style chairs. Additionally, the center section of the theater features upgraded rocking chairs and the lower level rows have been spaced out to allow for additional leg room.

Of course, a theater is ultimately judged by the quality of presentation for its movies, and Ganado Cinema does not disappoint. Throughout the years, continuing investment in the theater's sound and projection system has resulted in an experience that not only rivals, but often outshines its large-town cousin theaters. It includes some of the best JBL speakers and Crown amplifiers available (including twenty (20) surround speakers and 4,800 watts of avaliable power), a film projector with a fully automated, custom made, seven-element lens, and a constantly cared-for, pearl finish screen - making a movie at Ganado Cinema an experience you will not soon forget.

If you would like more information about the Ganado Cinema, call Alvin Svoboda, owner/manager of the theater since 1977 and an employee of the theater since 1953, at 361-771-2164.

Ganado Cinema • 120 South 3rd. Street • Ganado, Texas 77962 • (361) 771-2164